Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oatmeal: The Galactagogue

Steel cut oats with strawberries and brown sugar lovin'.

Did you know oats are a galactagogue, a.k.a. they can increase your milk supply.  Many lactation consultants recommend women start eating oats after delivery.  Some will even say "buy the steel cut oats."  I've found this specific recommendation can be confusing, so I decided to do some research and came across an informative website by Coach Levi.

Steel cut oats are the raw version of oats.  Rolled oats are literally what they say, oats that have been rolled flat, and quick rolled oats have been partially cooked.  The little packets of pre-sweetened oats are typically not recommended because of the artificial ingredients. 

I decided to try steel cut oats to see how practical this recommendation truly is, and to be honest I personally did not find it to be realistic for myself, let alone a new mom.  Quick rolled oats can be made in the microwave in 1 minute, while steel cut oats require at least 30 minutes of stove top time and leave you with a dirty pot.  Water has to boil, oats have to simmer, and many of us, specifically mothers of newborns, do not have the time to spend 30+ minutes on a simple bowl of oatmeal. 

All will work as a galactagogue for you and possibly the "raw" version is the best, but I find it too time consuming to be practical for a new mom.  Whether you're lactating or not, I think we can all agree oats of some sort are good for you!


Matt and Taylor said...

Oh, but have you tried slow-cooker oatmeal? You use steel cut oats and start it the night before and have an amazing bowl of deliciousness ready for you in the morning:

Julie said...

Now if my oatmeal was waiting for me in the morning that would be even better! Excellent idea, Taylor!!

Kly said...

food that cooks itself? sign me up!

Andrea Luneau Davis said...

yumm! steel cut oats are delicious, but they do take awhile. This sounds like a job for a slow cooker or a husband who manages to sleep through the night despite your being up with the baby every couple of hours :) Thanks Julie for information!